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February 28, 2006

RoHS Compliance Planning and Strategies

Key questions presenters and panel members addressed during the workshop:

  1. What are the latest updates for the business, logistical, and strategic challenges for achieving RoHS compliance?
  2. How can organizations effectively implement a RoHS compliance program?
  3. What are the important considerations for managing supply chain issues?
  4. How are companies in New England working together to address the challenges of lead-free assembly?

Presentation Topics:

  • Best Practices for Collecting, Maintaining, and Analyzing Data for RoHS Compliant Electronic Components, Mr. Richard Turner, Partminer, Inc.
  • Strategic Business Response to RoHS Compliance, Mr. Kenneth Stanvick, Design Chain Associates
  • Technical Challenges of RoHS Compliance, Mr. Leo Lambert, EPTA
  • New England Lead-free Electronics Consortium: Results and Conclusions, Mr. Gregory Morose, MA Toxics Use Reduction Institute

Discussion Panel: "Developing and Implementing RoHS Compliance Plans for Your Organization"

This workshop included a one hour and 45 minute panel discussion with RoHS compliance leaders from five major New England companies.

Panel Members:
Richard Anderson: Tyco Electronics
David Pinsky, Raytheon
Ken Degan, Teradyne
Robert Farrell, Scott Mazur: Benchmark Electronics
Todd MacFadden, Bose