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Materials from the Lead-Free Electronics Consortium

Articles A Successful Transition to  Lead-free Electronics
  Evaluation of Lead-Free Solders
  Pb-free PTH rework on a Thick, Heavy Assembly
  Supply chain collaboration to achieve toxics use reduction
Conference Papers A Comparative Analysis of Lead  Free Materials and Processes Using Design of Experiments Techniques
  An Overview of a Successful Pb-Free Implementation
  Failure Analysis Results for Evaluating the Long-Term Reliability of Test Vehicles Assembled with Lead-free Materials
  Long Term Reliability Analysis of Lead Free and Halogen Free Electronic Assemblies
  Process and Material Selection for zero defects and superior adhesion Lead Free SMT soldering
  Quality and Reliability Testing of Circuit Boards Assembled with Lead Free Components, Finishes, Soldering Materials and Processes in Simulated Production Conditions
  Testing and Analysis of Surface Mounted Lead Free Soldering Materials and Processes
  Testing Results for Lead-Free PWBs by the Massachusetts Lead-Free Electronics Research Consortium
  Transition to Lead Free Electronics Assembly Case Study - Part II Product Reliability and Forced Rework
  Transition to Lead-free Electronics Assembly Case Study
Fact Sheets Getting the Lead Out of Electronics
Presentations 5 Steps to Successful Lead-Free Soldering
  A Study of Lead-Free Solders
  Apex 2003 Overview
  Implementing Pb-Free Assembly at Your Factory
  Lead Free - Process, Reliability, and Options
  Lead Free Component Qualification
  Lead Free Soldering Materials, Reliability and Process Optimization
  Lead Free Electronics: They're Here to Stay
  Lead Free Electronics Workshop
  Lead-free Implementation: The Other 90%
  Life Cycle Environmental Impact Evaluation of Tin-Lead and Lead-Free Solder
  Massachusetts Lead Free Consortium Update
  Technical Challenges fro Pb-Free Components
  Testing and Analysis of Surface Mounted Pb-Free Soldering Materials and Processes
  TI Tin Whisker and Pb-free Finish Evaluations
  Tin Whiskers Update
  Zero Defects Lead Free Soldering
Technical Reports Electronic Products Industry Supply Chain: Summary of Four Phases of Research Efforts for Conversion to Lead-Free Electronics
Tools Audit Tool

Lead Free Electronics Consortium Members

Benchmark Electronics



Freedom CAD

Isola Group

Quantum Leap Packaging

Raytheon Company



Texas Instruments


Toxics Use Reduction Institute

Tyco Electronics


UMass Lowell

Wall Industries

Yankee Soldering