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Fabricated Metal Products

The fabricated metal product industry transforms metal into intermediate or end products. Companies in this sector use processes that machine, treat, coat, plate, paint and clean metal parts. 

To clean and strip metal surfaces, companies typically use solvents, acids and other toxics.

Riverdale Mills Reduces Use of Toxic Chemicals

Riverdale Mills of Northbridge, a manufacturer of welded wire mesh, received a TURI industry grant to reduce the use of hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and ammonium hydroxide in their coating process.


The company developed a two-part dual roller system that first removes excess water and then excess acid from the surface of the wire mesh. This prevents water getting into the acid bath and acid dragging into the rinse tanks. The removed acid is automatically recycled back to the tanks.

Return on Investment

Without the TURI grant of $5,000, Riverdale would have broken even in a little over two years (over one year with the grant). 

Amount spent on brushes, pump, shaft and other parts. $12,000
Monthly savings due to a reduction in chemical costs $683
Monthly costs associated with new system ($294)
Net savings per month/year $455/$5460
Return on investment ($12,000/$5460) 2.2 years without grant

Over five years, the company expects to save more than $20,000 in chemical purchases.

By reducing toxics, the facility immediately realized cost savings and improved the health and safety of employees.

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