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Guidance for Businesses

Use safer disinfectants as you reopen your business.

TURI Lab cleaning and disinfecting experts recently hosted a webinar on how businesses can adhere to the Massachusetts COVID-19 reopening guidelines while protecting the health of employees and consumers. See the link to the webinar and presentations on the right.

We are consistently developing new materials related to safer cleaning and disinfecting to help small businesses and manufacturers reopen amid the pandemic, including a new fact sheet titled Safer Cleaning and Disinfecting: Information for Manufactures and Other Businesses.

TURI has developed a sample Cleaning and Disinfecting Log and Checklist for businesses to tailor to their particular needs.

New Research on Safer Alternatives

Assoc. Prof. Nancy Goodyear of the Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences Department at UMass Lowell is working with TURI Lab staff to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of chemical and technology alternatives offered by vendors as COVID-19 disinfection options. Using a surrogate virus for COVID-19, the research team will evaluate the effectiveness of steam cleaning, hypochlorous acid, ultraviolet light, electrostatic sprayers and fogging chemicals.

“We are very interested in studying whether these other methods do kill the coronavirus,” says Goodyear, who oversees the microbiology lab at TURI’s facility in the Boott Mills building in downtown Lowell. “If these products work, then consumers and businesses would have more options to consider that may be safer than using the pesticide-based products.”

Read the UMass Lowell article about using safer active ingredients.

Read about the reopening protocols put in place by the TURI Lab.