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Cleaning Processes and Equipment

Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks  
Crest Ultrasonics
  • 25 kHz Crest
  • 40 kHz Crest
  • 68 kHz Crest


Branson 40 kHz


  • 1.9 liter volume
  • 2.8 liter volume
  • 3.5 liter volume


Vapor Degreaser with ultrasonics


Branson 125, 7.6 liter max capacity


Pressure Washer  VWR Glassware Washer Model 8202-924
Sink on Drum Chem Wash - Oil weir, Heated, Plastic body Available for loaning
Carbon Dioxide Cleaning Super Critical CO2 extraction (off site-vendor)
Media Blasting
  • Vatran Systems, Inc. Snow Gun-II Cleaner CO2 Snow Gun
  • Baking Soda Blasting
  Tap water
  De-Ionized water system
  Reverse Osmosis water system
  Temperature-controlled Soak and Rinse tanks
Heat Gun Master Appliance Corp, Hot-air gun model HG-301A
Centrifuge Fisher Centrific Centrifuge Model 225-Max speed 4750 ±50 rpm
Centifuge New Holland Model K11 Dryer with heat
Air Blow Off  
Heat lamp Infrared Heat Lamp, Phillips 250 watt bulb
Vacuum Oven VWR Vacuum Oven
Conventional Oven Blue M Electric Company & Sybron Thermolyne Oven/Incubator
  • Balance (0.0001 g) - Sartorious TE 124S
  •  Balance (0.0001 g) - Denver Instrument Co Analytical Balance model A-250
  •  Balance (0.1 g) - METTLER SB16001
Black light fluorescence
  • UVP Inc. Black light, Model UVL-56 longwave UV-366nm
  •  Spectronics Corporation's AR-GLO® 1 fluorescent marker
Contact Angle Goniometry Laser & Video - Sony Hi-Resolution CCD-IRIS Color Video Camera, model# SSC-C374
Microscope Olympus Zoom Stereo Microscope with photography, Polaroid Microcam SLR
Spectrophotometer LaMotte's Smart Colorimeter
pH Meter Orion Research microprocessor pH/millivolt meter 811
Surface Quality Monitor (thin film measurement, coating thickness) Optically Stimulated Electron Emission, PET SQM 100
Slip/Peel Tester IMASS, Inc. SP-102B-3M90
  • Kruss Drop Volume Tensiometer
  •  DVT -10 with Harvard Apparatus Pump '44'
Viscometer  Brookfield DV II Viscometer
Refractometer Fisher Refractometer
Surfactant Test Kits
  • Bama Chem
  •  Anionic/Nonionic/Cationic surfactants
Flash Point Measurements
  • Close Cup - Koehler Instrument Company Tag Closed Cup Tester Model K14600
  •  Open Cup - Precision Scientific Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester TS-74582 AW-8
Digital Relative Humidity/Temperature Meter  

Lightnin' Small Scale General Purpose Mixer