Database Features

In addition to direct searching, the database provides ways to browse through the work we have completed for other companies (Browse Client and Trials) and to find vendors by alphabetical listings (Browse Vendors and Products). There is a section about other on-line tools for assisting in the search for cleaning alternatives (Additional On-Line Tools for Surface Cleaning).

For end users who would like assistance in testing products by the lab, there is a Test Request Form that can be downloaded and sent to the lab. For vendors who want their products listed and/or tested, there is a section containing the necessary vendor forms.

Browse Client and Trials



Other Features



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Browse Client and Trials

  Go to CleanerSolutions and Browse Client and Trials


Browse Vendors and Products

  Go to CleanerSolutions and Browse Vendors and Products


Other tools

  See what other tools are out there that can help you find a safer cleaner solvent


Other Features download demo

  Video demo on other features available on the database Download file (4.86 MB)