Find a Cleaner

This short demonstration will show you how to search the CleanerSolutions database using the Find a Cleaner search method. In this method, you are only required to select the contaminant you are trying to clean. If the resulting list of matching products is really long, you can modify your search by adding the substrate (material of the part you are trying to clean), the type of equipment you would like to use and finally, you can search by only listing effective matches.

From the list of matching products, you can find out more about each entry by clicking on one of the several embedded links. For example you can click on a product name and you will go to a the product page which reveals information on the what the product was designed to do based on vendor supplied data. There will be links to material safety data sheets (MSDS) and technical data sheets (TDS).

Furthermore, there will be a table showing important safety information (lab's 5 safety screening criteria). In addition, there will be a performance profile based on the lab's testing of this product. From your original listing of search results, you can click on a Client Number, Project Number of Trial Number to find out more about how the product was tested based on your initial inputs. The Client Number will give you information on the overall scope of the project you were interested in. For the Project Number, this link will show more detail about the project. And the Trial Number allows you to read exactly how we tested the product you were interested and how it compares to the other products evaluated in that trial.



Find a Cleaner Link on CleanerSolutions

  Go to CleanerSolution and search using Find a Cleaner


Find a Cleaner download demo

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