Vendor Search

The Vendor Search option adds a couple of options to your search. In addition to search by the same parameters found in Find a Cleaner, the Vendor Search allows you to enter in a full or partial vendor or product name. The search method also gives you the option of selecting what type of classification of cleaning product you want. Choose from acidic aqueous to terpenes.

You can filter by the type of cleaning you are doing, parts cleaning, precision cleaning or janitorial cleaning.

The resulting list of alternatives is a little different than using the other search methods. This list of products is based only on the supplied vendor information and may not have been evaluated by the TURI Lab for performance. However, you can still click on a product to get the overall product profile based on our testing.



Vendor Search Link on CleanerSolutions

  Go to CleanerSolution and search using Vendor Search option


Vendor Search download demo

  Learn how to search the database using the Vendor Search option Download file (4.30 MB)