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Safety Screening

The lab uses five criteria to screen cleaning products for environmental, health and safety. By using the search by safety screening option, you can set criteria based on VOC content, Global warming potential, Ozone depletion potential, Hazardous material information system data or by pH. This method allows you to pick levels of the criteria that match your ideal safety levels. As in the other search methods, you can click on links to the product or vendor information of the resulting list.

Or, you can run a filter using the combined data through the Safety Screening Score range option.



Safety Screening Search Link on CleanerSolutions

  Go to CleanerSolution and search using Safety Screening Search

URL:  http://www.cleanersolutions.org/?action=safety_search

Safety Screening download demo

  Learn how to search CleanerSolutions by using the Safety Screening method Download file (699.50 kB)