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Formulators, Manufacturers, Vendors: Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

The Cleaning Laboratory offers janitorial cleaning product formulators, manufacturers, and vendors a variety of services that could raise the visibility of your products and improve formulations:

  • Performance testing for your products, both cleaners and equipment
  • Application-specific testing, based on your directions
  • Performance validation of your products for label certifications such as Green Seal or government purchasing programs
  • Rating the degree of cleanliness
  • On-site process evaluation and performance testing for equipment -- from ultrasonics to manual -- and cleaners -- aqueous, semi-aqueous, solvents
  • Inclusion of your products in the CleanerSolutions database

Looking clean to the human eye does not necessarily mean that a surface is clean. The Cleaning Laboratory has a number of processes to test actual cleanliness: Gravimetric Analysis, Fluorescence, Microscopy, Stimulated Electron Emission, Contact Angle, Coefficient of Friction.

The Cleaning Laboratory's evaluation methods have been acknowledged and accepted by several third party certifiers: