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Institutions: Janitorial Products and Equipment

Many facility managers at hospitals, schools, and government buildings are looking for green cleaners to improve air quality and the health and safety of residents and workers. Within the last few years, many new environmentally friendly cleaning products have come on the market. Some manufacturers are able to apply for third-party certifications that substantiate claims, making it easier for purchasing managers to make informed decisions. There is also a growing interest in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) products because their ingredients are known quantities, they are safer for workers and the environment, and, generally, have lower costs than manufactured cleaning products. 

The Cleaning Laboratory developed and maintains the Cleaner Solutions Database which can assist facility managers in understanding the ingredients of manufactured cleaning products, their certification status, performance characteristics, and health and safety factors. 

In Massachusetts, most public and many nonprofit organizations can take advantage of the Commonwealth's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program (EPP). The cleaning products in the EPP have been vetted for safety and performance, many by the Cleaning Laboratory, and are available at better-than-market price. Learn more.