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UMass Lowell Students in the Lab

Students Gain Lab Experience for Future Careers

testing in conical tubes

UMass Lowell students hired by the Toxics Use Reduction Institute Lab learn how to evaluate the performance of safer chemicals and devices used for cleaning and disinfecting in industrial, janitorial and household scenarios. 

Help companies reduce their environmental impact and gain lab experience for your future career by working in the TURI Lab. 

For more information, contact Jason Marshall.

Student Highlights

"I gained so much knowledge from TURI that I'm using at my current job. I’m working with chemicals on a daily basis that we used in the Hansen Solubility Parameters testing, following aseptic techniques, and the familiarity of working in a lab made this transition so easy for me."
Julie Nguyen, B.S Public Health, 2019

"My experience at TURI has provided me with the knowledge and skills to successfully operate in various laboratory settings. The laboratory techniques I learned exposed me to a wide array of procedures that I can continue to use in my everyday lab practices."
Edward Judge , Master of Public Health, Epidemiology, 2021

"The TURI lab was a safe space for me to learn from real-world experiences and taught me critical thinking and problem solving skills that allowed me to become an independent scientist. I never understood how important it is to learn from failure without fear of consequence until I was outside of my academic lab settings and placed in a laboratory that works with real clients and various research projects."
Samantha Couture, Master of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene / Master of Occupational Ergonomics and Safety 2019

"TURI was a great experience that furthered my knowledge in both academic and professional principles as a steppingstone in my career. The daily interactions and projects I experienced while working in the lab were always exciting to contribute to and had a positive effect on real world applications."
Othon Pagounes, B.S. Biomedical Science, 2020