Kevin Smith

Name: Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

Major: Chemistry

Minor: German Studies

Year: Junior

Hometown: Nashua, NH


Semesters at TURI Lab: 2


My major focuses on all aspects of chemistry from basic chemical properties to organic reactions, ability to analyze an unknown compound or mixture, describe the physics of a chemical reaction, and more. My minor, German studies, focus on learning the German language and culture. After I graduate I plan to pursue a master’s degree and a Doctorate in a more specified field of chemistry at a university in Europe.


Projects Worked On in the Lab/ Current Projects:

Freewheelers’ Bike Cleaner, DIY All-Purpose Cleaner


Favorite Part of Working at TURI:

The environment all the employees create


Past Jobs:

Information Technology intern at the Nashua School District, Apprentice Chocolatier at the Dancing Lion and La Cascade Du Chocolat, and Reference Assistant at Lydon Library at University of Massachusetts Lowell


Skills Learned at TURI Lab:

Experimental procedure design, writing a professional lab report, working a Keurig, and chemical related research.