Lily Green

Name: Lily Green

Major: Chemistry

Minor: Climate Change and Sustainability

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Brockton, MA


Semesters at TURI Lab: 0


Info on your major and what it focuses on- My major focuses on the chemical aspect of engineering with respect to materials and understanding how they respond to different chemical exposures. I chose to do the biological option because I also have an interest in biochemistry, the medical field, and how the two relate to one another. 

Chemistry is about what things are made of and how they interact to create bigger substances and reactions. We look at things from a more molecular level, such as bonding and characteristics of certain elemental groups and periods. I picked up my minor because I am interested in the humanitarian and ecological aspect of it but also want people to become aware of what is happening at a chemical level.


What are your plans for after graduation? -After graduation I plan on getting my masters in Chemical Engineering. I also hope to continue doing research and obtain a job in a lab where I can work on disease-based projects or at a pharmaceutical company. 

Past Jobs: This is my first job in a lab, but I have prior lab experience from the courses I have completed thus far.