Alec Golas

Name: Alec Golas

Major: Chemical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering Concentration

Minor: Mathematics

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Fairhaven, Massachusetts


Semesters at TURI Lab: 1


Major focuses on applying scientific research and chemical processes to large scale industrial uses effectively and efficiently. Curriculum recently has focused on environmentally sustainable chemical engineering applications. Nuclear concentration prepares students for nuclear reactor operation, and fundamentals for further education in nuclear field.

After graduation, I would like to be involved in research and development in nuclear based energy production, or cleaner, more environmentally friendly carbon-based energy production. 

Projects Worked On in the Lab/ Current Projects:
Favorite Part of Working at TURI:
Past Jobs: Local Crew Concert Stagehand, Fairhaven Shipyard Paint Crewman
Skills Learned at TURI Lab: