Dan Anspach

Name: Dan Anspach

Major: Chemistry


Year: Freshman

Hometown: Halifax, Mass

Email: danielanspach3@gmail.com

Semesters at TURI Lab: 1


I'm coming into UML as a chemistry major and I'm not sure what to focus on yet in that field. So far I've learned a couple things about safety and typical procedures that can help me out in a lab setting. After graduation I plan on joining peace corps for a few years and pursuing carriers in something like geochemistry or possibly biochemistry depending on how my classes turn out over the next four years.

Favorite Part of Working at TURI: The people are cool.
Past Jobs: I was a concessionist once at a movie theatre, that was weird.
Skills Learned at TURI Lab: Procedures and tips that will help me in my lab classes through the next few years.