Jake Aveyard

Jake Aveyard


Civil Engineering


Leominster, MA


Semesters at TURI Lab: 1


I have worked since I was thirteen with horses, dogs, and cats. I would help breed, clean, and do basically anything I was told to do, and most of it was back breaking, tedious work, but it always felt too great once I knew I had finished any of it. I don’t love working, but I sure do love the feeling I receive when I do work. When I overcome obstacles, I get such a great feeling of accomplishment that nothing else can overpass. Working at Richard’s Luxury Kennel really opened my eyes to how the real world will treat me, and I can’t thank everyone there enough for helping me change myself for the better.

Currently, I am a freshman in the Civil Engineering field of study. On the side, I am the vocalist of a band, and play shows almost weekly, which is an absolute blast for me. Since school, work, and my band take up all of the time in my days, it can be stressful but I try to see things positively at all times. I try to belittle problems to try to make only significant ones stand out. I like to worry about big issues before I let the little ones fret me.

After I graduate, I plan to either be a roller coaster designer, builder, or surveyor. I've always been intrigued by roller coasters and I can say, with 100% certainty, that nothing in my life, at least so far, has given me a greater feeling than being strapped into an open car and speeding down massive drops at high speeds over a twisting, looping track. I hope that one day I will be able to ride a roller-coaster that breaks a few records that I at least helped bring to existence. That is my golden life goal that will never stand down from the top of my list of things to accomplish.

Projects worked on: Basic lab testing
Favorite part of working at TURI: How everyone is so friendly and understanding, and the work and projects are never repetitive so I am always kept busy and entertained. 
Past jobs: My first job was gotten when I had just turned thirteen years old which was outdoor and indoor maintenance/ caretaker at Richard’s Luxury Kennel in Leominster Massachusetts. Here, I gained experience and respect with hard work whenever I was on the clock. I wouldn't be the man (young man) I am today without everyone there being hard on me to achieve some goals and reach success. Respect felt all too good from them once it was earned. Another thing I did on the side was roofing side jobs with my father. This work was, and never ceases to be, some of the most back breaking, incredibly hard work I will ever do. I would never turn down a chance to work with my father roofing though, as it helps me out so much, whether it’s financially, or with the feeling of accomplishing something huge for myself. Neither of these jobs really compares to TURI but I will use my humility from my past jobs to try to gain the respect of everyone at TURI, and make myself look great amongst my peers. 
Skills Learned at TURI Lab: I learned how to work with people I have never met/seen before, most being upper classmen, and get to know them while working as a team. This, I know, will help in my future ambition to become an engineer. I've also learned how to use some pretty cool tools and machines in the lab as well.