Johnny Le

Johnny Le

Johnny Le at TURI Lab
Johnny Le at TURI Lab

Chemical Engineering



Semesters at TURI Lab: 8


The chemical engineering field is very diverse and complex. There are chemical plants around the world making plastics, soft drinks, building materials and even hospital equipment. This large spectrum of work is what intrigues me the most because as a chem-e, you can work doing almost anything. Also the pay isn't too bad.

At TURI lab, I learn a lot about chemicals and their different uses in the Industrial field as well as the at home applications. The work at TURI lab is also project based which gives us a lot of experience working with different equipment and companies with their specific requirements. Some companies even leave the project open for interpretation which gives us a lot of room to play and experiment with what works best.

After graduation, I hope to work in a plant as a director or supervisor making sure everything is running smoothly and while being able to help anyone if needed. I want to be able to take the team work and individual experience that I've gained and use it towards my future career.  If all goes well, I will eventually own a chemical plant.

Projects worked on: The Maids International, Kreussler, Aerovox, ChemCo, Clorox, Fosta Tek, Gabriel 1st, Mr. Clean, ProTeam, Orbio, Parker Chromeric, Tap Inc,
Favorite part of working at TURI: Different projects and experience working with various companies. End of the month pizza parties are always a plus!
Past jobs: I used to work as a sales executive at a store in Burlington Mall. Compared to TURI lab, the experience gained doesn't even come close to TURI, the work is not as interesting, everything was too repetitive and I felt like my work was overall insignificant. Working at TURI all the projects keeps the work exciting and new, each project has its own guidelines and specifications which makes eliminates the repetitiveness and my work here helps out companies directly.
Skills Learned at TURI Lab: I learned how to work in a team as well as an individual, how to use various equipment including gloss meters, in line straight washability units, ultrasonic tanks, immersion tanks, CO2 guns and how to properly handle chemicals.