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Josephine J.Garfield


Name: Josephine J.Garfield

Major: Chemistry- Forensics Concentration

Year: 2018

Hometown: Cambridge, England (AND) Beverly, MA

Email: Josephine_garfield@student.uml.edu

Semesters at TURI Lab: Two


As a chemistry major with a concentration in forensic science, I am able to take courses outlined in the standard chemistry track, whilst also learning about the criminal justice (CJ) system and evidence collection from the CJ perspective. 

TURI has been a great location to practice valuable laboratory methods; both practical and theoretical. TURI has, in two semesters, shown me how to apply my chemistry knowledge, communication skills (both written and verbal), and organizational skills within a work environment. Green chemistry was not an area I had any prior knowledge or interest in; however, it has proven to impact my life as both a scientist and a consumer. I now have an understanding of various harmful chemicals, the dangers they pose, and the process of identifying those chemicals in order to remove them from materials and articles within everyday life. 

After graduating from UMASS Lowell, I intend on pursuing a career in forensic science, more specifically forensic toxicology. I would like to further my knowledge in this field by obtaining a graduate degree in toxicology. A crime laboratory is my ultimate dream work-environment, as the science applied in those laboratories benefits the criminal justice system, and subsequently society as a whole. TURI has reaffirmed my belief that science should be beneficial to the interest of human-kind and the environment.

Projects Worked On in the Lab/ Current Projects:

As a newer member of TURI lab, I have contributed to projects in several areas such as janitorial, industrial, and DIY. Most recently, I have worked solo on formulation projects. One such project included designing an experiment that would effectively test the removing/dissolving capabilities of chemicals formulated for use against concrete or mortar. The purpose for which was to find alternative uses for safer chemistries that already exist yet are currently marketed differently.

Within the next several months, other students in the lab and I will be working on safety modules designed for students at the university.

Favorite Part of Working at TURI: Working with passionate people; they know the importance of buffalo chicken pizza.

Other Jobs:

  • Organic Chemistry Tutor
  • Organic Chemistry Student Laboratory Assistant

Skills Learned at TURI Lab:

  • Formal report writing
  • Laboratory Safety
  • Laboratory team work, and team communication.