Loc Nguyen

Loc Nguyen

Loc Nguyen at TURI Lab
Loc Nguyen at TURI Lab

Civil & Environmental Engineering


Boston, MA


Semesters at TURI Lab: 4
Background: Having graduated with a Civil & Environmental Engineering 
degree, I am currently pursuing a second degree in Accounting. 
Engineering helped me build my foundation. I improved in skills such as 
problem solving and critical thinking. With accounting, I will improve 
my knowledge on money flow and finance. With my new gained knowledge in 
accounting, I hope to someday open an accounting firm to share my 
knowledge by advising people who come to me for help. I also get to sit 
in my cubical and eat donuts all day.
Projects worked on: DIY, Aerovox, Kreussler,Proteam, Qleeno, 
Chemco, and Trio
Favorite part of working at TURI: Not repetitive work with possibilities of open ended projects testing.
Past jobs: TURI is my first job on campus and possibly my last. Outside of campus, I worked as a sales associate, waiter, and delivery driver. These jobs were very dull and repetitive compared to TURI. There was little communication involved with other workers. They were jobs I felt like I was doing for the money but with TURI it feels much different, it doesn't even feel like work. At TURI you can do something different each day, individually or in a group. We have a very friendly staff community in our lab, everyone is willing to help and provide information if needed. Besides the projects provided, there are many tools and equipment that you can pick up and do different testing with. 
Skills they learned at TURI: Handling of chemicals, importance of chemical maintenance, and the applications of testing in lab to industrial companies as well as every day use.