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Resources: Playing Fields and Playgrounds

TURI has developed fact sheets, case studies, reports, and videos about the health and safety of playing surfaces, including athletic fields and playgrounds.

Artificial Turf Resources

Athletic Playing Fields: Choosing Safer Options for Health and Environment- Report
PFAS in Artificial Turf Carpet- Fact Sheet
Athletic Playing Fields and Artificial Turf: Considerations for Municipalities and Institutions- Fact Sheet
Artificial Turf Infill: A Comparative Assessment of Chemical Contents- Peer reviewed journal article

Artificial Turf Alternatives Assessment Documents

Alternatives Assessment Introduction
Cost Analysis
Physical and Biological Hazards
Infills: Overview
Infills: Recycled Tires
Infills: EPDM
Infills: TPE

Organically Managed Grass Athletic Fields

Natural Grass Playing Field Case Study: Martha's Vineyard, MA- Case study 2020
Natural Grass Playing Field Case Study: Marblehead, MA- Case study 2019
Natural Grass Playing Field Case Study: Springfield, MA- Case study 2019
TURI's Organic Grass Care Web page

Playground Surfacing

Playground Surfacing: Choosing Safer Materials for Children's Health and the Environment


Natural Grass Organic Athletic Fields in Springfield, MA
Organic Management of Natural Grass Featuring Chip Osborne
Safer Alternatives for Playing Fields


Artificial Turf Alternatives: Webinar


TURI's comments on Washington Department of Health report

External Resources

Find reports, videos, and news and journal articles from other sources