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Boys and Girls Club of Lynn Healthy Girls/Healthy Products

Project Details

Year: 2014
Location: Beverly
Project Manager: Keisha Conigliaro, Director, La Chic Mentoring Plus, Inc.
Partners: Lynn Boys & Girls Club, Lush Cosmetics, American Chemical Society, Harvard PEAR Program, Camkit Science/Mentor & Careers Program


The project team at La Chic Mentoring Program will develop a curriculum for middle and high school girls about safer beauty products. The team leaders, who mentor at-risk girls, will present informational material and provide safer beauty products for the teens to try.  They will present the materials during the “Healthy Girls Model Healthy Products” after school program sessions and during a fashion show at the Boys and Girls Club of Lynn.  La Chic will also present the project at the American Chemical Society conference.


Not only did the girls learned how to practice TUR principles, but also the project partners accepted the message regarding wise consumer choices.  Awareness of how to recognize toxic products and the alternatives available was certainly increased.  The outcome of this project formed the basis for a parallel project among older girls in school with outreach to a cooperating teacher.  A future goal is to incorporate TUR as a component into a high school chemistry curriculum. Furthermore, The girls gained new knowledge and appreciation of consumer choices.  The Boys and Girls Club gained a new program for its female participants.  All those involved in the project were able to see how the girls in the LaChic program received new knowledge and confidence.  Also, out-of school time focus and commitment decreases the chances the girls will participate in at-risk behavior even though they often face challenging circumstances in their primary environments.  

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