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Girls Going Green at the YWCA of Lowell: “Naturally Beautiful”

Project Details

Year: 2015
Location: Lowell
Project Manager: Andy Chandonnet, YWCA of Lowell
Partners: Lowell Community Health Center, Girls Incorporated of Greater Lowell, Clean Water Fund, Umass Lowell- Center for Community Research and Engagement, Lowell Boys and Girls Club


The Girls Going Green (GGG) program at the YWCA of Lowell will develop a series of interactive workshops for young people about safer beauty and personal care products. The project team will create an informational brochure that explains the toxins that can be found in commercially marketed make-up and personal care products, and the benefits of using natural products. They will also provide the tools the attendees will need should they choose to create their own natural make-up and personal care products at home.


The girls were able to reach out to their community by tabling events and their own public workshops.  They gave out 'Get Started Kits' that included safer cosmetic alternatives.  They had the participants in their workshops take a quiz to evaluate their knowledge about toxins in cosmetics at the beginning of the workshop, and then after the workshop they filled out an evaluation.  Generally people understood that most cosmetics have some toxins in them, but did not understand the extent of the issue nor see it as something that affects them.  After the workshop most people said that they would think about changing their habits and would share the information they learned with other people.  82% of participants said they strongly or somewhat agreed that they would make changes to the products the use in the future.  91% of participants said they strongly or somewhat agreed that they would share the information the learned with other people.  People enjoyed and seemed to take away the most from the portion of the workshop where they were able to create and try a natural cosmetic.  The project not only taught community members about their personal care products, but also strengthened community partnerships between the YWCA of Lowell and other community-based organizations.    

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