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Hopkington Great Sinker Swap

Project Details

Year: 2011
Location: Hopkinton
Project Manager: Jackie Pratt, Grant Coordinator
Partners: MassWildlife, Pikers Ice Fishing Club, Monahan and Co. Plumbing


The Woodville Rod & Gun Club hosted a booth at numerous events to inform the public about the toxicity of lead and the need to replace lead sinkers used in fishing with lead-free sinkers. People were able to exchange lead fishing weights for new lead-free weights. Outreach had taken place through newsletters, bait shops and local media.


The Woodville Rod & Gun Club hosted a booth at six events. Lead sinkers were traded for non-toxic options at several of these events.  Lead was then collected and recycled appropriately.  A message of environmental conservation was spread by word of mouth as well as through their brochure. Also, The Woodville Rod & Gun Club will continue to notify anglers of the impending MassWildlife regulation change, effective Jaunary 2012, that prohibits use of lead sinkers on inland waters.      

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