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Cleaning for Healthier Schools and Infection Control Workgroup Statewide

Project Details

Year: 2009 & 2010
Location: State-wide
Project Manager: Lynn Rose
Partners: Informed Green Solutions, MA Dept. of Public Health; MA Div. of Occupational Safety; Public Health Institute and Occupational Health Surveillance and Evaluation Program, CA Dept. of Public Health, MA Nurses Association, TURI Surface Solutions Laboratory and MassCOSH

Over the course of two years, the workgroup created a comprehensive handbook on disinfection, sanitization, and hand hygiene options and product selection to help reduce the use of unnecessary disinfectants in schools. Below is an excerpt from the handbook introduction and the full handbook can be downloaded on the right side of this page. The handbook in chapter form, which is being regularly updated when appropriate, and trainings developed under the project are also located on the Informed Green Solutions web site.

Goal and Purpose of the Cleaning for Healthier Schools – Infection Control Handbook

This Handbook is designed to provide information that will enable schools to develop and implement effective infection-control practices while minimizing the use of, and exposure to, toxic products. The material is intended to be used by school personnel, including facility managers, head custodians, administrators, nurses, and purchasing agents, when customizing their school program.

The Handbook has been developed over several years by the National Cleaning for Healthier Schools and Infection Control Workgroup, which consists of representatives from the academic, public health, environmental health, medical, and school advocacy communities.

The Workgroup has found that a thorough, ongoing cleaning program is the best strategy to prevent disease transmission, with sanitization and disinfection activities playing only a part of the strategy in very specific situations. Following good cleaning procedures on a daily basis is considered a best practice and will reduce the need for disinfectants as well as the transmission of many diseases.

The purpose of this Handbook is to

1. Educate the purchasers and users of disinfectants about (a) the health and environmental implications associated with using and misusing these products, (b) when disinfection is necessary, (c) proper disinfecting techniques, (d) the choices of disinfectants, (e) the criteria for selecting safer disinfectants, and (f) proper procedures for protecting the health of product users and building occupants.

2. Provide the tools needed for schools to create their own policies and protocols.

3. Provide information on the differences between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting and when it is appropriate to use each methodology.

Goal and Purpose of the Cleaning for Healthier Schools – Infection Control Presentation Slide Library

This full set of slides, which can be downloaded to the right, is provided to allow a person educating an audience on disinfection practices and procedures to tailor their presentation on disinfection. Portions of the presentation can be removed depending on the interest or level of knowledge of the audience. Please protect the integrity of the information by maintaining technical information as provided and noting the original funder as TURI and author as the National Cleaning for Healthier Schools and Infection Control Workgroup.

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