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Auto Shops

Auto repair and body shops are an important part of a community, providing needed services and jobs. However, they also use many substances that pose a hazard to workers and can potentially pollute the environment. TURI helps auto shops reduce the use of toxic chemicals by offering technical assistance and grants. 

Read about projects with auto body shops supported by TURI grants.

The Boston Safe Shops Project

The Boston Public Health Commission worked with auto body and repair shops to replace toxic chemicals. Read more...

Safe Auto Shops of Watertown

The Town of Watertown Health Department provided education and training for several auto shop owners in Watertown. The project also worked with selected auto shops to pilot test safer alternatives to lead wheel weights and solvent-based brake cleaners. Read more...

Greater Boston Area Safe Auto Shops Project

The Safe Shops Project of the Boston Public Health Commission works to protect workers and surrounding communities by reducing toxic chemical use in auto shops in Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan. Read more...