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Cape Cod: Hidden Hazards in the Art Studio Educational Outreach Program

Project Details

Year: 2014
Location: Barnstable
Project Manager: Kalliope Egloff, Barnstable County - Cape Cod Cooperative Extension
Partners: Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment, Barnstable County Americorps Cape Cod, Barnstable County Information Technology Department


The project team will share information about toxic chemicals in art supplies and safer alternatives with municipal and state organizations responsible for the oversight of hazardous materials. They will in turn share the information with artists and the general public. The project team will also create a video and a PSA about the dangers of toxins in art materials. Common toxics found in art supplies include solvent, lead, cadmium, chromium, heavy metals and hydrochloric acid.


The increased awareness of  Hidden Hazards in the Art Studio was accomplished through mailings, speaking engagements, technical assistance, news releases and PSAs. An educational suite package was created and sent out during the mailings.  Each packet included a brochure, magnet, and educational literature. The main groups targeted were local boards of health, art schools and teaching facilities, veterinary practices, cultural districts and film festivals. A website was also created that included URLs, book links, videos, fact sheets and other information related to art studio safety.  This website will continue to be updated.  

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