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Video Production and Campaign with Youth Producers about BPA in Receipts

Project Details

Year: 2017
Location: Statewide
Project Manager: Ali Pinschmidt, Western MA Program Director
Partners: Principle Environmental Specialist - Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Northampton Community TV, University of Massachusetts, Amherst- Department of Environmental Health Science.


Transformative Culture Project (formerly Press Pass TV, Haydenville) planned to create an educational video on how to reduce exposure to bisphenol-A (BPA), a hormone disrupting chemical that is used to coat thermal paper store receipts, among other uses. Transformative Culture Project, which uses media arts to provide meaningful employment and education for youth living in low-income neighborhoods, will distribute the video via social media.


The team wrote and storyboarded the script with a team of two adults and one youth. In the final script, a woman is shopping in a grocery store when her surroundings start interacting with her, giving her more and more information about BPA in cash register receipts. She becomes increasingly concerned as she looks around the store to see people engaging with receipts in increasingly unhealthy ways. At the story‚Äôs climax, when she realizes how many people are at risk, she is able to request an electronic receipt and hands a package of gloves to the cashier so he can reduce his exposure.  

Post production, the goal is to reach a minimum of 20,000 views online through a strategic social media campaign. Our team of two youth, two interns, and a social media coordinator will strategically share the film with 300+ organizations and groups through social media, including with: nonprofits that work on environmental and toxics issues; youth activist organizations; expectant mothers groups; college- and high school-based environmental groups; librarians; and labor unions.

Our team will also do in-person outreach at 35+ local and regional stores. We will distribute up to 1000 business cards with a simplified video link and bullet points about BPA in receipts and how to reduce exposure. Our team will have one-on-one conversations with cashiers and store managers to educate about BPA in receipts and devise a plan to reduce exposure and, where feasible, make a switch to e-receipts. Our video will have a clickable link that leads to our website with BPA-related health information, take-action tips, and resources.

This page updated Friday December 08 2017
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