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NOFA/Mass Statewide Organic Lawn Days: Organic Lawns for Homeowners Workshop Series

Project Details

Year: 2011
Location: Barre
Project Manager: Kathy Litchfield, NOFA/Mass Organic Land Care Program Coordinator
Partners: Massachusetts Watershed Coalition, Ecological Landscaping Association, GreenCAPE, Nantucket Land Council, Nashua River Watershed Association, PACE, Stoneham Environmental Action Committee, Town of Ayer, Town of Stoneham


This statewide workshop series took place in 10 locations across the state in the Spring 2011 to teach homeowners how to care for lawns without pesticides. The series included two “Statewide Organic Lawn Days” in mid-April consisting of three-hour long detailed workshops hosted by NOFA Accredited Organic Lawn Care Professionals. Demonstrations of organic lawns were also established at various locations.


By marketing the workshop statewide, NOFA was able to reach more organizations then ever before, and using their mission being the "statewide organic growing resource", we brought in many audiences together while attracting new homeowners and residents to the idea of organic lawns.  ManyNOFA/Mass members and organic land care activists hung flyers in their communities; posted their local events on local online sites, forums and blogs, and worked to attract press coverage.  Advance articles we also placed in the small community newspapers.  Each workshop was taught by a NOFA Accredited Organic Land Care Professional, was three hours long and included a lecture component followed by hands-on education including demonstration and a chance for homeowners to try organic management techniques on organic lawns at the workshop sites.  Each participant received a special brochure created through this grant detailing organic lawn how-to steps and information about NOFA/Mass and TURI.  NOFA pland to continue this workshop series in 2012 and beyond in order to further educate and empower homeowners to drive the demand of organic and natural products at their local stores.

NOFA- Ayer Demo

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