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Springfield's Transition of Public Land Management to Organic Land Care

Project Details

Year: 2015
Location: Springfield
Project Manager: Lynn Rose, Project Coordinator, Springfield Department of Parks, Buildings and Recreation Management
Partners: City of Northhampton, City of Holyoke, Springfield Organic Land Care Task Force


The project team created a “Systems Approach” that utilizes a series of preventative steps to mitigate potential pests and other turf problems. The city worked with Chip Osborne, of Osborne Organics, through a series of four site visits, and phone and electronic communication to develop and implement a transition plan for six pilot properties. The implementation and outcomes of these pilots on the city’s four different types of properties provided the basis for transitioning similar types of properties over time. Mr. Osborne informed the city that they should monitor these pilots for more than 2 years to generate the data in order to expand the program in phases to 50 school properties and related playing fields, and 2400 acres of Park land, and city terraces.


The group was successful in completing the four site visits by Osborne Organics.  Springfield was then able to conduct research, develop and implement, monitor and evaluate the program on six pilot project sites.  A two-day long program training was given to the project staff and partners. Those who attended received project information and tools, and observed the pilot sites. A transition plan was drafted to the city and shared with partners in order to implement further transitions. A Contract Specification was also drafted to use to obtain bids for organic products and land management services during and following the project.  

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More Info

New! TURI released a case study of Springfield's organic management of natural grass. It includes detailed information on the number of hours played at three parks in Springfield.

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