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Synthetic Turf Issues Across Massachusetts

Several towns in Massachusetts, and in many other states, are currently facing a tough decision - do we install artificial turf on our city fields, including at schools?

There are several cited benefits to this option, including less maintenance, more accessibility, and a softer surface than other artificial options. However, there are many disadvantages to that decision as well, including health issues related to chemicals contained in the infill and increased temperatures both at the field and the affected community.

TURI has compiled a variety of resources to help provide towns with up-to-date information on the technical and political issues, as well as about what other towns are choosing to do. We hope you find this resource helpful and welcome any additional information or questions you may have. Please feel free to email Community Program Manager Joy Onasch or call her at 978-934-4343. You can learn more about this subject by accessing the TURI Library Guide on artificial turf.

If you are interested in learning a bit about the history of turf and the basics of the pros and cons of artificial turf vs. grass, please view a presentation by Mt. Sinai School of Medicine here - the presentation slides can be viewed by downloading the full presentation in pdf.