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Wampanoag Greening Tribal Cleaning

Project Details

Year: 2010
Location: Martha's Vineyard
Project Manager: Jim Miller
Partners: EcoMV

The project goals and activities were:

1) Conduct outreach via culturally appropriate printed materials to all Tribal members on the hidden dangers of cleaning products, information on greener alternatives, and samples of greener products. Outreach through a mailing and at the annual Aquinnah Wampanoag Powwow. Working from materials provided by the Brazilian Women’s Co-Op (a TURI grantee in 2008) the Natural Resources Department created a flyer (see side bar to download) on the hazards of conventional cleaners and the many benefits of less-toxic cleaners. Recipes for home-made cleaners were included. This information was mailed to all 550+ Tribal households. Included in the package were also a 4oz. bottle of Green Seal-certified multi-purpose cleaner, a biodegradable trash bag, and other product information from project partner EcoMV. Outreach was also conducted at an Elder Luncheon in March, as well as a Tribal dinner in June. Outreach is also planned for the 2010 Powwow.

2) Convert the Elder Services cleaning program to entirely green product. Supply the cleaning crews with greener alternatives and the requisite training to use greener alternatives. The cleaning service has a waiting list due to shortage of funds, and providing cleaning products and training helps the Tribe reach more elders in need. Elder Services cleaning crews were completely converted to green cleaners in March, this included training and some chore cleaning time, as the cleaning products were less expensive that initially anticipated. Cleaning products and supplies were purchased from EcoMV, and additional supplies will continue to be provided through the Tribal Administration.

3) Convert the Tribal Administration to greener cleaning products by providing the products. Additional facets of the project would include a video of the project, and outreach to the local press about the project and the hazards of household cleaning products. The Tribal Administration Building was converted totally to Green Seal-certified cleaning products in the fall of 2009. The cleaning products were purchased at a discount from EcoMV. The Tribal Administration will continue to use the EcoMV cleaning products in the foreseeable future, and supply Elder Services with needed supplies as well.

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