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Cancer-Free New Economy Jamaica Plain: The Next Phase of Integrating Toxics Reduction Approaches with Sustainable Community Development

Project Details

Year: 2015
Location: Jamaica Plain
Project Manager: Chuck Collins & Carlos Espinoza-Toro, JPNET
Partners: Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, Toxics Action Center


Due to the efforts of last year’s TURI grant The Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition has established a local "Cancer Free New Economy" project to educate the community and support businesses' transitions away from carcinogens and other toxics and towards safer alternatives. Phase two of the project will include assisting with the transition of J & P Cleaners  in Jamaica Plain by recruiting new customers and  institutional clients; working with dry cleaning and other retail sectors, in Boston and other Massachusetts communities to develop municipal public policies that advance toxics use reduction;  Engage other  retail businesses in Jamaica Plain in pursuing toxics use reduction strategies, especially in the areas of cleaning/disinfecting, solvents and pesticide use; and, partnering with other communities to support their efforts to engage existing businesses around toxic use reduction strategies.


In addition to assisting J&P Cleaners further with their transition, they were successful in transitioning another small business sector- auto shops.  JPNet was able to partner with ACME Auto Body & Paint in switching to water based paints and paint gun equipment. They also worked with Salcedo Auto Center to eliminate 83 pounds of lead from the environment each year and adopt environmentally sound workplace practices,  They will continue to educate their community in hopes other businesses will move towards safer alternatives in their business practices.

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