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Organic Grass Care

TURI released a series of case studies highlighting communities that use organic maintenance to improve and build healthy grass playing fields. Each of these case studies provide detailed information on playable hours, maintenance practices, and costs.

Three Massachusetts Communities Care for Athletic Fields Organically

Across Massachusetts, communities and homeowners are making the choice to manage grass organically, rather than using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 

Organically managed grass looks great and is a viable and cost effective option. TURI has supported a variety of projects related to organic grass care, including municipalities transitioning acres of fields from pesticide use to organic.

TURI has also compiled information on organic maintenance techniques from experts and successful communities into a guide to help communities build an organic management plan for athletic fields and lawns.

Chip Osborne Shares Steps to Organic Turf Management

City of Springfield Transitions Forest Park Fields to Organic