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Business Grants

 TURI supports MA businesses to successfully implement projects that protect their workers, communities and the environment by reducing the use of toxic chemicals.

TURI offers grants (typically between $15,000 and $35,000) to help Massachusetts businesses research, evaluate, and/or adopt safer alternatives to toxic chemicals. Grants funding is available to any for-profit business in Massachusetts that:

We especially encourage proposals that address the following strategic priorities:

  • Reducing or eliminating halogenated solvents (in particular: TCE, perc, DCM, nPB and trans-DCE)
  • Supporting businesses to adopt PFAS-free products or processes
  • Supporting facilities that are free of toxic flame retardants.

Because the overarching goal of this program is to share examples of successful toxics use reduction implementation widely, facilities that receive a grant are encouraged to work with TURI to share information about their projects.

Download the Request for Proposals to learn more about our strategic priorities and the criteria for a successful proposal.

 Contact [email protected] to learn more

The first step in submitting a proposal is to complete and submit the application form below. (we recommend you use the Google Chrome browser)