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We combined our expertise in six sigma with the guidance of the TURA program to significantly reduce our use of VOC producing materials while insuring and improving a well controlled process.
- Tim Petter, Production Manager, Ophir Optics, North Andover, MA

Industry Sectors

What are Your Challenges?

Ophir Optics staff demonstrate toxics use reduction activites that were identified using lean manufacturing techniques

We work directly with companies to identify challenges in specific industries. This information combined with our knowledge of upcoming regulations in other states and countries and new toxicology studies, allows us to develop specific resources such as workshops, grant programs and research to help companies evaluate and switch to safer substances.

Examples include leading and facilitating the New England Lead Free Electronics Consortium, providing on-site assistance with cleaning applications to small metal finishing shops and awarding grants to companies willing to host a demonstration of how they reduced toxics in their manufacturing facility. 

Assistance for businesses

Sectors regulated by TURA include SIC Codes 10 through14, 20 through 39, 40,44 through 51, 72, 73, 75, 76. 

What is your SIC code? How does that relate to NAICS?

Assistance is offered free or at cost to large and small businesses, whether or not they meet volume and size requirements for reporting.