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TURI works with companies across the electronics industry supply chain to identify safer alternatives to commonly used toxic chemicals. Industry representatives collaborate with TURI to determine best practices and assess the reliability and quality of alternative methods for manufacturing electronic components and printed wiring boards.

TURI is currently collaborating with MA companies to replace electronics processing fluids like coolants and etching solutions with safer formulations that do not contain PFAS. Transene Company, a Danvers-based manufacturer of advanced materials for the electronics industry now offers a safer solution for electronics etching based on their collaborative work with TURI and UML. 

As a member of the Clean Electronics Production Network, TURI staff works with companies, suppliers, advocates and governments on finding safer alternatives used in the electronics industry. Our past work with the electronics sector includes the New England Lead Free Electronics Consortium, a collaboration between TURI, UML, the US EPA and several companies throughout the printed wiring board supply chain. This fact sheet provides a summary of the work of the Consortium.

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Transene research team
Transene research team
This collaboration accelerated our ability to manufacture and sell safer etching products, which helps companies in the electronics supply chain meet new regulatory requirements and protect health and the environment.
- Christopher Christuk, President, Transene Company