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Mr. John's Cleaners

Mr. John’s Cleaners in Everett, Mass. has pursued an aggressive program to reduce its environmental impact – and has saved money in the process. Owner of Mr. John’s Cleaners Ernie Barbato applied Toxics Use Reduction principles by:

  • Quantifying his use of energy and other resources
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce toxics
  • Evaluating options to improve operational performance

He has completely eliminated the use of the toxic solvent perchloroethylene for his garment cleaning and uses professional wet cleaning technologies instead. He has also implemented many energy efficiency measures throughout his shop that have already paid off. For example, he requested energy audits, switched from oil to gas, replaced steam pipes and more. Download the case study on the right for more details. 

I wish I knew then what I know now.
- Ernie Barbato, Owner of Mr. John's Cleaners
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