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It's always been very helpful for us to have a list of chemicals of concern identified by TURA in Mass as well as the EPA to help us prioritize our improvements.
- Linda Loreth, Director of Environmental, Health and Safety at A.W. Chesterton Company

Chemicals Policy

Massachusetts Statehouse
Policy under TURA is determined by state officials and stakeholders appointed by the Governor. Photo: Massachusetts Statehouse by pepsiline via Flickr

TURI's chemicals policy program develops initiatives to reduce the use of toxic chemicals and the generation of toxic byproducts by industry and communities, while enhancing the competitiveness of Massachusetts industry. 

As mandated by the Toxics Use Reduction Act, TURI conducts policy analyses and facilitates the process of listing and de-listing of chemicals, and designation of Higher and Lower Hazard Substances,  on the TURA list. This is an on-going process that involves three groups of councils and committees of state officials, scientists and citizens.

This process helps companies prioritize their toxics use reduction efforts on those chemicals that pose the most serious threats to health and the environment.

We also keep companies informed of upcoming chemical regulations in other states and countries. Visit the chemicals policy resources section for more information.