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Cadmium and Cd Compounds

Cadmium (Cd) is a soft, silver-white, low-melting-point metal. Cadmium is extracted mainly as a byproduct of the mining and processing of zinc, lead or copper. Cadmium has many uses in industry and consumer products, mainly in batteries, pigments, coatings and plating solutions, polymer stabilizers, metal alloys and semiconductors for solar cells. Due to its serious adverse effects on human health and the environment, cadmium is subject to multiple regulations at the state, federal, and international levels. In 2018, Massachusetts facilities subject to TURA reported the use of over 160,000 pounds of cadmium and cadmium compounds.

Cadmium and cadmium compounds were designated as Higher Hazard Substances under the Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA) in January 2008, which reduces the associated reporting thresholds to 1,000 pounds per year.

Information about Cadmium and Cadmium Compounds Prepared by the TURA Program 

Content Category Publication Type Title Year Description
Overview Fact Sheet Cadmium and Cadmium Compounds Fact Sheet 2021 TURI Chemical Fact Sheets describe the hazards, exposure routes, uses and alternatives, and regulatory context for selected chemicals.
Policy Policy Analysis Cadmium and Cadmium Compounds Policy Analysis 2007 TURA Policy Analyses are developed as background for state-level decision-making.
Alternatives Presentation Alternatives To Cadmium Plated Military Connectors and Fasteners 2013 Description of desirable and undesirable properties of a cadmium plated finish, as well as industry standard connector specifications and industry test data.
Coatings Presentation Corrosion Protection for the DoD 2004 Discussion of the Department of Defense environmental coatings programs.

Other Resources

Source Title Year Description
Federal resources
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Toxicological Profile for Cadmium 2019  The ATSDR toxicological profile succinctly characterizes the toxicologic and adverse health effects information for the hazardous substance described.
EPA Hazard Summary Cadmium Compounds Revised 2000 Uses, sources, and exposures health hazards summary.
OSHA Cadmium health effects   Information on occupational exposure and health effects 
State resources
National Conference of State Legislators Cadmium in children’s consumer products 2014 Review of federal and state legislation on the use of cadmium in children’s products.
California OEHHA Cadmium Fact Sheet   Overview of cadmium, its uses, health effects and legislative status.