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Cyanide Compounds

Hydrogen cyanide is an intermediary chemical in the manufacture of other chemical products including: adiponitrile, acetone cyanohydrin, sodium cyanide, methionine, chelating agents, cyanuric chloride, nitrilotriacetic acid and salts, and other chemical products such as potassium cyanide. Electroplating is the primary end use for sodium and potassium cyanide in Massachusetts.

Cyanide and cyanide compounds are designated as Higher Hazard Substances under TURA, which lowers the reporting threshold to 1,000/lb/year, effective January 2016.

Information about Cadmium and Cadmium Compounds prepared by the TURA Program

Content Category Publication Type Title Year Description
Overview Fact Sheet Cyanide and Cyanide Compounds Fact Sheet 1998 TURI Chemical Fact Sheets describe the hazards, exposure routes, uses and alternatives, and regulatory context for selected chemicals.
Policy Policy Analysis Cyanide and Cyanide Compounds Policy Analysis 2014 TURA Policy Analyses are developed as background for state-level decision-making about individual chemicals, chemical classes, and industry.
Process Change Technical Report Cyanide reduction in bright stripping using an electrolytic process - The Robbins Company 1994 This project investigates electrolytic bright stripping as an alternative technology to chemical stripping.
Substitution Technical Report Cyanide based electroplating elimination - Northrup Grumman Corporation 1994 This investigation demonstrates the replacement of copper cyanide based processes with a commercially available copper electroplating solution that contains no cyanides.


Other resources

Source Title Year Description
U. S. EPA Cyanide Compounds Hazard Summary Revised 2000 Overview including uses, exposures, and health hazards.
New York Department of Public Health The Facts about Cyanides Revised 2006 This fact sheet is intended to provide general awareness and education on cyanides.
Department of Ecology State of Washington  Common types of dangerous waste from electroplating and metal finishing   Tips cover areas like rinse water, waste water and elimination of cyanide.