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New Reportable Substances for Reporting Year 2019

A category of chemicals known as C1-C4 Halogenated Hydrocarbons/Halocarbons Not Otherwise Listed (C1-C4 NOL) are subject to reporting under TURA effective reporting year 2019. Industry sectors that use chemicals in this category should track their use during calendar year 2019 and if their total use of these substances exceeds the reporting threshold, they must submit TURA reports by July 1, 2020.

The reporting threshold for the C1-C4 NOL category is 25,000 pounds if they are incorporated into products or manufactured and 10,000 pounds if the substances are otherwise used.

The C1-C4 NOL category is defined as chemicals with 4 or fewer carbons, at least one halogen (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, and iodine), and only hydrogen as the other constituent, that are not already individually listed on the TURA chemical list.   

For more information, contact the TURA program:

  • Industry specialists at OTA or call OTA at 617-626-1080
  • MassDEP: Lynn Cain, 617-292-5711 or Walter Hope, 617-292-5982
  • TURI: 978-934-3275
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