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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I know if I am required to report use of methylene chloride?

You are required to report if:

2) When do I need to start tracking my chemical use?

You need to begin tracking your use of methylene chloride on January 1, 2014

3) When do I need to start reporting my use? How do I do this?

The first reports for methylene chloride under the lowered Higher Hazard Substance thresholds of 1,000 pounds are due July 1, 2015 (for reporting year 2014). Reports are filed with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Reporting instructions can be found here: TURA Reporting Forms

4) How much are the fees?

Filers that are new to the TURA program must pay a facility fee of $1,950 (for facilities with 10-49 employees), plus a per-chemical fee of $1,100. Current TURA filers would only incur the per-chemical fee. Facilities with greater than 50 employees have higher facility fees.

5) What services does TURI and the Office of Technical Assistance (OTA) offer me?

The Mass. Office of Technical Assistance offers free confidential on-site technical assistance for companies wishing to reduce their toxics use. TURI offers research assistance on alternatives as well as grants to small businesses implementing and showcasing toxics use reduction projects and training