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Green Chemistry Research Projects

cranberry based textile dye experiments
Cranberry-based textile dye experiments

Green chemistry is a fundamental approach to research that promotes chemical synthesis and chemical process choices that minimize the use of toxic chemicals and the generation of hazardous byproducts. 

TURI encourages research that utilizes the principles of green chemistry as this will lead to a safer laboratory environment, and the development of innovations that can be scaled up in a way that minimizes potential risks at the commercial level.  Many of the research projects TURI has supported utilize the principles of green chemistry, including:

  • Non Halogenated Flame Retardants 
  •  Green Chemistry approach to Nano-Structured Electronics 
  • Assessment of Environmentally Benign Photopolymers as an Alternative to the Use of Formaldehyde Based Textile Finishing Agents
  • Solvent-Free Synthesis of Phthalocyanines
  • Synthesis of Conjugated Polymers and Molecules Using Sugar Reagents and Solventless Reactions
  • Environmentally Benign Control of Polymer Solubility: Photoresist Materials Using DNA Mimics
  • Enzymatic Synthesis of Non-Formaldehyde Phenolic Polymers: Control of Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration
  • Green Chemistry: Solubility Characterization of Molecular Self Assemblies
  • Green Chemistry: Computational Evaluation of Hydroquinone Non-Covalent Derivatives