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Toxic Chemicals

The TURA Program targets toxics use and waste generation at the source – the industrial and manufacturing processes that use and generate it. This strategy affords better protection for the public and workers and the environment, because it can prevent waste from being generated in the first place.

Lab with chemicals
Toxic or hazardous chemicals are substances capable of causing injury, illness, or death by chemical means.

This web site contains a wealth of information about:

  • specific chemicals
  • lists of regulated chemicals
  • alternatives to toxic chemicals
  • tools for assessing alternatives to toxic chemicals
  • case studies on applications of alternatives to toxic chemicals
  • information and resources for TUR Planners and TUR Filers

If you are a Massachusetts company looking for lists of regulated chemicals, you will find that information and more about how these lists were chosen and are updated. You'll also find environmental, health and safety research and details on specific chemicals that will help you make informed choices.

Chemical Lists
The TURA List

All toxic or hazardous substances regulated under TURA and subject to reporting and planning requirements are compiled into one list (301 CMR 41.00: Toxic or Hazardous Substances List).


Higher and Lower Hazard Lists

The Higher Hazard Substance designation lowers the threshold for reporting, planning, and paying TURA fees to 1,000 pounds per year. The Lower Hazard Substance designation eliminates the per chemical fee. For more information, on Higher and Lower Substances, read this Fact Sheet.                                 


More and Less Hazardous Chemicals As an information resource for Massachusetts companies, the TURA Science Advisory Board has developed informational lists of "more and less hazardous chemicals". The TURA program draws upon these informational lists when choosing chemicals to designate as Higher Hazard Substances or Lower Hazard Substances.

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