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Latest Data Release

Over the past twenty years, Massachusetts manufacturers have worked with government to implement the TURA program to protect the Massachusetts environment. The progress of Massachusetts industries in reducing toxic chemical use, waste and emissions is significant.
Since 1990, over 1000 Massachusetts firms have participated in the Toxics Use Reduction Program. Over 450 of these firms have dropped out of the program for a variety of reasons, most often because they have reduced or eliminated the use of any of the listed toxic chemicals.
The Core Group of TURA filers consists of industries and chemicals that have been subject to yearly reporting requirements since 2000. In 2012, 477 Large Quantity Toxic Users reported under the TURA program. Between 2000 and 2012, Core TURA filers reported an overall 25% decrease in production. The TURA data is adjusted to eliminate the effects of changes in production using facility reported TRI production ratios. 
When the reported data has been adjusted for production, TURA filers have decreased their toxic chemical use by 23% from the 2000 base year to 2012. Using the same method of adjustment, TURA filers are generating 42% less byproducts or waste per unit of product and have reduced releases of TRI reported on-site chemicals by 73%. Quantities of chemicals shipped in product have varied over the past years, yielding a production adjusted reduction of 21% since 2000. 

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