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Most Recent Progress on Toxics Use Reduction

TURA data

Companies that report toxic chemical use in Massachusetts continue to show overall reductions in use, byproducts and waste, as demonstrated by the most recent 2019 data reported by companies.

The graphic on the right highlights overall reductions for Massachusetts facilities in the 2007 Core Group, which includes all industry categories and chemicals that were subject to TURA reporting from 2007 to 2019, at the same reporting threshold.

Since the TURA program is intended to help companies increase their competitive advantage while reducing toxic chemical use, the data is adjusted for production. In the graphic on the right, we took the extra step of not including usage data from Styrolution, the largest TURA filer from 2007 to 2014 that ceased manufacturing polystyrene in Massachusetts.

The 2007 Core Group excludes trade secret chemicals and chemicals designated as higher hazard substances (HHS) that were filed under the lower 1,000 pound threshold after 2007. It also excludes N-Propyl Bromide, which was first listed in 2010 and designated as a HHS in 2016.

Use the new TURA Data interactive tool to view chemical reductions by year, chemical, community and company.

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