Eligibility for doing a TURA EMS:

  • The company has completed its initial TUR Planning and two subsequent Plan Updates
  • The company's EMS has been in place for at least one full EMS cycle (i.e., plan, do, check, act) and has undergone at least one independent audit in that time

If a company's EMS was developed in conformance with the standards of ISO 14001, Responsible Care, or other EMS standards adopted by a trade association or other standard-setting organization, it is considered suitable for this option as long as it meets the following basic requirements.

Basic Requirements of a TURA EMS

The TURA EMS must

  • Consider reportable toxics to be significant aspects
  • Contain the elements specified in 310 CMR 50.82
  • Cover all the production units identified in the most recent toxics use report
  • Consider toxics use reduction when establishing objectives and targets associated with significant aspects
  • Emphasize source reduction as the means of achieving objectives and targets

MassDEP has EMS Planning Guidance and helpful Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information, contact Pam Eliason at [email protected] or 978-934-3142.