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Ongoing TUR Planner Certification Requirements

As required for any professional certification, TURA requires ongoing learning for TUR Planners. TUR Planners are certified for a period of two years and are required to obtain continuing education credits from MassDEP during that period by participating in a variety of courses and activities intended to keep them current on toxics use reduction and resource conservation best practices. 

Requirements for ongoing certification:

General Practice Planners are required to earn 30 credits for the first recertification and 24 credits for subsequent recertifications.

Limited Practice Planners are required to earn 24 credits for the first recertification and 20 credits for subsequent recertifications.

Credits are available at

  • The Continuing Education Conference held every spring and fall. TURI presents Continuing Education Conferences in the spring and fall of each year. These day-long conferences vary from event to event, presenting in-depth training on topics related to safer alternatives to toxic substances, pollution prevention, resource conservation, chemicals policy, and toxicology. Check the Calendar for conference dates.
  • Designated webinars. Access past webinars.
  • Designated onsite TUR demonstrations.
  • Other trainings outside of the TURA program, with preapproval from MassDEP, based on the training's relevance to TUR.

Credits are available for ongoing TUR Planner certification and Resource Conservation certification.