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Continuing Education Conference Fall 2017

Strategies for Life Cycle Thinking and Product Sustainability at GE Plenary Speaker: Bill Flanagan, Aspire Sustainability
Partners Update - November 16, 2017  
Session A  
Materials Accounting Refresher Jeff Bibeau, Tighe & Bond
Session B  
Reducing Chemicals in Water Demineralization Systems Maura Hawkins, Berkshire Environmental Consultants  
Session C  
Business Value of LCA at GE Bill Flanagan, Aspire Sustainability
Leveraging LCA to Improve TUR Tom Gloria, Industrial Ecology Consultants
Product Sustainability: An Intro to Life Cycle Assessment & Circular Economy Sebastian Birke, ThinkStep
Marketing Sustainability via LCAs Raymond Lizotte, Schneider Electric 
Session D  
Improved Operations and Maintenance:
The Low Hanging Fruit
Heather Tenney, Toxics Use Reduction Institute 
A Workers Perspective; Transitioning  to Safer Chemicals                                    Steve Gauthier, Gauthier Safety Consulting 
Session E  
Resource Conservation Planning & Saving Energy with Metering Tools Rich Bizzozero, MA Office of Technical Assistance 
Saving Energy With Meter Data Lauren Mattison, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Session F  
Pollution Prevention Options Analysis System  Jason Marshall, Toxics Use Reduction Institute 
Using P2OASys Alicia McCarthy, Toxics Use Reduction Institute 
Options Evaluation Tool Pam Eliason,  Toxics Use Reduction Institute 
P2OASys Activity 1  
P2OASys Activity 2